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Mordecai had an opportunity to live and dine with the king in the palace, he was even honoured by his enemy, yet in the end he went back to his original job of gateman to the palace.
Something was terribly wrong…. His mindset was that of a commoner yet he was living in the palace.


A prophet is a person who can predict events, see into the unseen, unravel mysteries and display their supernatural gifts. Though the above describes who a prophet is, there is much more to a prophet than just the ability to do the above otherwise, magicians, fortune tellers and the like would all qualify to be prophets.
The gift of prophecy has been abused in the church today. It has been used to rob men and women of God, sleep with them in the name of “holy” sex as well as separate families
So the question remains, how can I tell one is really a prophet?
2 Peter1:21
“..For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost…”


Spirit husbands and wives are currently the number one virus that is destroying the body of Christ, one day at a time. These come in form of sexual dreams, masquerading as the people we love and end up having sex with you. Scientists would term this as normal saying that it is part of life and growth for adolescents, sexual fantasies or even wet dreams which is really not true.

Origin of spiritual spouses

One may ask where such demons came from and the answer is all in the Word [Genesis 6:1]. Another gateway for spiritual spouses is through worshipping of demons which was done by our ancestors. Some also dedicated their families into idol worship inviting these demons into our lives as spiritual husbands and wives.Dealing with spiritual spouses

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12Mar 2018


We are in the final days of our prayer and fasting season. Join us this week as ...

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