Welcome To Iam Ministries Int'l

Statement of Faith

The commission upon IAM Ministries International is to be a spring board of revival to the world and to prepare the bride for the coming back of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Moving in a prophetic, deliverance and prosperity anointing; the mission of the ministry is to raise a generation of a God fearing men and women through the word, prayer, deliverance and healing to prepare the way for the coming of Christ.

Rooted in righteousness and living in purity, IAM Ministries International believes in worshiping God in truth and in Spirit, living a life of purity and righteousness to be able to walk in the signs wonders and miraculous of the end time.

Vision and Mission

In righteousness and purity shall we be established.

To prepare the bride

1. Promotion of true sound doctrine
2. Promotion of sexual purity
3. Empowerment of a girl child
4. Empowerment of people to eradicate household poverty through trainings and offering vocational
5. Promotion of mentorship and leadership development programmes.
6. Counselling and welfare
7. Promotion of up-right and healthy marriages.

Message from the Vision bearer

She is the vision bearer of IAM Ministries International. She is called by God to bring deliverance to a hurting world and prepare the bride for the coming of Jesus Christ. She is a deliverance Prophetess, a great worshiper, an author, a great prayer warrior and an in-depth teacher of the word who has mentored pastors, prophets, teachers of the word, worshipers and intercessors.

Through the ministry that God has entrusted her with, God has and is
still touching the lives of thousands around the world


Our Pastoral Team

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