Iam Mass Choir

Iam Ministries International mass choir (Praise and worship department) began in August 2012 and at the time they were only 6 worshippers, a keyboard player and the drums under the leadership of the vision bearer Prophetess Avako Emmanuel Agnes and the music director Pastor Robert Wamala.
The main goal of the Iam mass choir is to raise the end time’s worshippers with no compromise and to lead the congregation in praise and worship. Over the course of time the music department has grown from 6 worshippers into 25 worshippers.
Our values and principles
•    Decent dressing
•    Life of purity and holiness.
•    Life of seeking God.
•    Proper time keeping and management
•    Cleanliness
•    Respect
•    Unity
•    Orderliness
•    Transparency