Men Of Honor

The Men of Honor (MOH) is a men’s ministry in Iam Ministries International. The MoH was established in 2013 with the guidance and support of the vision bearer, Prophetess Emmanuel Agnes Avako to provide back up and support the vision upon the woman of God.
Our values and principles
The Men of Honor is guided by the following values and principles;
• To honor God with all our resources, skills, abilities and life.
• Maintain a life of righteousness and holiness at all times.
• Live in obedience to the word and commands of God Almighty.
• Honor and submit to the anointing and leadership of the woman of God.
• Live an exemplary life in character, conduct and personality.
The Men of Honor envision a “generation that lives in the fear and honor of the God Almighty”. The mission of the Men of Honor is to participate in all such activities with all dedication and commitment through prayer, sharing and mentorship of the mandate upon the Vision Bearer.
Men of Honor activities
• Organize prayer meetings with all men in Iam Ministries International.
• Engage in sharing sessions and bible studies.
• Provide support for married couples and families.
• Mentor young men and women in different aspects of life.
• Financial investments and income generating ventures.
• Be a support structure to Iam Ministries International whenever called upon.