Mighty Women of Valor

Mighty women of valor is a women’s department within the broad Iam Ministries International. Born on 5th April 2015, by prophetess Agnes Avako the vision bearer and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit appointed Pastor Justine as the women’s leader.
The mission, vision and objectives of the Mighty women of valor are the same as the broad ministry so that there are no deviations in the manner in which activities are implemented.
Our deliverables
•    Take charge of counseling young daughters of the ministry especially in regards to guidance, personal hygiene, respect and general Christ like behavior.
•    Intercede for in-house women and daughters in regard to their general issues like marriage, jobs, etc.
•    To develop a database in order to help identify the different varying needs of the daughters.
•    Groom leaders who can take charge as mothers in the house to solve issues, become confidants of the women and daughters, etc.
•    Develop income generating projects which could empower the daughters and women.
•    Help mothers with basic parental skills, for Christ-like upbringing of children.
•    Groom women that will become tomorrow’s wives and not knives.
•    Groom and mentor prayerful women.