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Understanding the power in your hands

she-power-world-is-in-handsDo you understand the power that resides within you? God spoke all other things into existence by His word.. but when it came to creating man, He consulted the Son and the Holy Spirit. He said in Gen 1:26 “.. let Us make man in Our image, Our likeness.. let them have dominion…” Practically implying,

He said let Us make man a god like He is. He then formed man from the dust and breathed in him His own life and breath that man may have God living within him. Angels and arch angels were created by God but they don’t have the breath of God, that is why they remain ministering spirits to serve man. Satan has no power of his own, he uses the power that God deposited in us to manipulate mankind. Stop stooping so low to the whims and manipulations of the devil, stand out for who you are in God and take your place of dominion as purposed by God..