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Dealing with Spiritual Spouses

January 10, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 6:1-8 |


Spirit husbands and wives are currently the number one virus that is destroying the body of Christ, one day at a time. These come in form of sexual dreams, masquerading as the people we love and end up having sex with you. Scientists would term this as normal saying that it is part of life and growth for adolescents, sexual fantasies or even wet dreams which is really not true.

Origin of spiritual spouses

One may ask where such demons came from and the answer is all in the Word [Genesis 6:1]. Another gateway for spiritual spouses is through worshipping of demons which was done by our ancestors. Some also dedicated their families into idol worship inviting these demons into our lives as spiritual husbands and wives.

Sexual perversion and immorality such as pornography, masturbation, adultery and fornication are a gateway for these spiritual spouses. In the act of masturbation, one envisions themselves having sex with someone that they love but the actual truth is that the devil takes up the identity of that person you love and pollutes your waters. Once a Christian has polluted waters, God’s perfect plan in their lives is hindered bringing problems like divorce, barrenness, loneliness, etc. Having sexual relations with a person who may have a spiritual spouse also opens a demonic gateway in your life. “Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body with her?” [1Corin 6:16]

Signs of spiritual spouses

A Christian may be under the attack of a spiritual spouse but not be aware of it. Below are a few of the numerous signs of this spirit;

  • No peace in marriage.
  • Miscarriages for expecting women after a sexual dream.
  • Dreams that you are dressed as a mad man/ woman.
  • Fibroids
  • Masturbation
  • Unexplained rudeness and toughness towards anyone of the opposite sex that may be attracted to you.
  • Dreams making breakfast, taking children to school, giving birth and surrounded by unknown midwives anticipating the birth.
  • Signs of pregnancy even when you are not expecting.
  • Bareness and impotence.
  • Dreams you have a wedding ring or are seated on a throne as a king or queen.
  • Unexplained hatred and despising of your spouse.
  • Seducing spirit.
  • No periods.
  • Smelly private parts.
  • Serious back pain during menstruation.
  • Sudden breakup with partner.
  • Loss of job and continuous misfortunes after marriage.
  • Soul ties and so many others.

However, all this should not scare us for revelation is for redemption. With this knowledge, we are able to know what we are dealing with and what areas to pray for in our lives.

How to destroy this demon

  • Through total repentance.
  • Cancel and destroy any words that were said during sex that led to soul ties in your life.
  • Disconnect yourself from evil family altars.
  • Destroy all evidence of a spiritual spouse in your life i.e. the wedding ring, gown, spiritual children, wedding certificates, high priests that led the wedding ceremony in your dream, demonic gifts i.e. cars, dresses received in dream from spiritual spouses.
  • Cancel any agreements that your ancestors may have made with demons linking you to spiritual spouses.
  • Disconnect every blood covenants that you may have made in the shrine through markings on your body, blood covenants from tattoos, etc.
  • Divorce every spiritual spouse in your life.
  • Thank God restoration and keep fellowshipping. Through this you will attain protection from the plans of the devil.

Finally, which is very vital for your total deliverance, live a life of purity. Get rid of all sin in your life so the devil may not have a chance to attack you.







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