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Loyalty is what you do not what you say. Talk they say is cheap. While it is important from time to time to reassert our allegiance verbally that is not enough.
Loyalty must be action backed. It can and does not thrive on mere verbal assurances; it must reveal itself in all that we do.
Loyalty is a willing decision. Forced compliance is fake loyalty. (1 Samuel 18:4)
Loyalty is demanding. When we don’t become comfortable with this truth disloyalty becomes inevitable. You will be called upon to do the unthinkable sometimes. (1 Samuel 19:2)
Loyalty involves sacrifice. Your allegiance to God, the ministry, your family and friends will call for seasons of sacrifice.
Loyalty to God will be rewarded. Loyalty in all its shades attracts rewards. (2 Samuel 9:1). Loyalty speaks for generations
Loyalty prospers. When you are loyal, you prosper even in a strange land.
It births out success in everything you do.
It sustains the anointing even in your absence.
The legacy of a loyal person lasts forever.
Loyalty maintains favor.

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