The young army

Birthed in June 2014 with about 15 children, the young army constantly evolved into a mighty battalion of pre-teens currently counting up to 45.
The young army accommodates children from various age brackets as they gather and worship to the glory of the most high.
To raise up a generation that will walk in righteousness and purity.
Raise an uncompromising army (Joel 2:2-11)
•    praise and worship
•    bible challenges
•    educational tours
•    games- bible teaching
•    choir practice
Our values
•    Train up children in the ways of the Lord( proverbs 22:6)
•    Raise an uncompromising and God fearing generation
•    Raise an army equipped with the word.
•    Raise young worshippers who will manifest God’s glory in latter days through worship in spirit and truth.